5 Tips for Working from Home

Nowadays many people are learning to work from home and/or trying to figure out how to teach their children from home. Many people are “zoomed out” (forgetting that when they were in the work place, they often attended many meetings.)

5 tips for working from home: Have Less Stress and More Productivity

  1. If you are able, designate a work space separate from your personal/living space. However, if you are not able to have a separate work space, try to put your work up and out of sight when you are done or close off the area.
  2. If at all possible, do not work in your bed or bedroom. This should be your peaceful, restful space. If the space you have is in your bedroom, don’t work on your bed and at the end of the work day, put work away or close off the area.
  3. Take breaks and don’t eat and work at the same time. Your mind and body need a break. In doing so, you will be refreshed and more creative. Drink water. (Full disclosure, this is a challenge for me.) When you have a nice glass or mug, it can encourage you to drink water.
  4. Have an ending time for work. If you don’t, you will work well into the evening and not have personal time. If need be, set a timer for your end of work day. Working from home doesn’t mean you need to work 24/7.
  5. As tempting as it is, don’t work in your pajamas and try not to wear sweats, at least not every day. I’m not saying wear your suits or dress exactly like you would if you were going in to the office. On the other hand, dressing in clothes that energize you or uplift you, can help your work mindset. If nothing else, which many are doing, dress up from the waste up for the Zoom meetings. Just remember, don’t get up while you are visual on the Zoom video if you are not “dressed” from the waist down.
    Have good lighting for your work area and for Zoom meetings. Keep in mind your background for your Zoom meetings. For example, what book, pictures, etc. are behind you? A green screen is a helpful tool to have which allows you to add various backgrounds. Remind others in the house with you, that you will be on a Zoom meeting. Ask them not to interrupt you.

For many people, working from home is a new experience. It can be a positive experience if you have a schedule, Additionally, if you are ahelping children with their on-line learning, a schedule is very helpful.

I hope these tips help. Breathe! You can do it.

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