Let’s Create the Life You’ll Love

The youth of today are the leaders of today and tomorrow. Why not empower them with life skills to help develop the leader within?

inner dimensions, llc
inner dimensions, llc
inner dimensions, llc

Inner Dimensions Academy

Change can be both effective or ineffective. The Inner Dimensions Academy focuses on channeling the energy of youth in a positive direction, with purpose and beneficial outcomes. Building tomorrow’s future with the youth of today helps not only the individuals involved but also their families, schools, and communities.

Academy Sessions/Topics

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
  • Dare to be Different
  • Changing Labels in Your Life
  • Image is All About Impression
  • Tools & Tactics for Conflict Mediation
  • No Need to Fear Public Speaking
  • Myth Busters: Truth About Etiquette & Manners
  • Recognizing the Leader in You & Those You Follow
inner dimensions, llc
inner dimensions, llc


“When you came to Westover to speak, I have to admit that most of us thought it was just going to be another boirng lecture. I and many other girls were very wrong. I felt as thoug we had our jaws on the floor by the end of your talk. I was so inspired by you and what you had to say that I now hope to be that inspirational one day. You include not only our voices but also our minds when you challenged us to give examples of women leaders. You showed us how somewhat hard it was to come up with examples of good inspirational women leaders, but we accomplished quite the list because you challenged us. However, I think that we forgot one leader who was right there inspiring us that night, you.

Thank you so very much for your time and words. I hope to see you again!”


Grace Louise Buckles

“I am so glad that we were able to reconnect and arrange for you to guide our students in a thoughtful discussion of leadership as it relates particularly to adolescent girls. In the past, I have contracted with other facilitators to conduct similar workshops and none have been as engaging and empowering as yours. Not only were you an engaging presenter, you also embraced a multitude of viewpoints quite insightfully. Michelle, you touched our students in exciting and memorable ways.

”With gratitutde,

Carol R. C. Santos

Dean of Students